Santander adopts measures to reduce damage of the new coronavirus

Bank is extending 10% of the credit limit of all adimplent clients and anticipated for April or the total payment of 13th salaries for all operations.

São Paulo, March 17, 2020 
Santander Brasil has adopted a series of measures to minimize damage and collaborate to determine or advance the coronavirus in the Country. Between the shares there is an increase of 10% two limits two credit cards. The total payment of the 13th year for two 47 thousand functions of the Bank will be anticipated for the month of April.

All the clients, bank agents of the bank, who are in day with the fats of their cards will have the limits extended us next days. To know if there is a modification already made, just use or the application of gestures of cartridges in Santander Way, through cell phone or tablet.

“This scenario of uncertainties and concerns, ensuring the sure of everyone and giving more reassurance to the client in the management of their finances,” says Sérgio Rial, president of Santander Brazil. “Or an increase in the limit of the credit card, for example, a measure that makes it possible to play for the front or payment of some amounts, or that can be made differently so that it may be shaved or removed from the economic environment . ”

In addition to disseminating massively as preventive measures, as a way of acting case readiness symptoms or we identify you in the next few people, or Banco will make or 100% advance make 13th salary to all collaborators.

Or Santander is also participating in the initiative to extend for at least 60 days or expiration of credit parcels, announced on the basis of a resolution of the National Monetary Council. For this reason, an initiative will include some types of personal credit (CP), preventive, direct to consumer (CDC) and real estate.

“More than to help, we need to take care. It is with this look that we have added to these to minimize the damage caused by the spread of viruses and care for hair by two of our employees, clients and companies,”concludes Sérgio Rial.

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